Larimer County, CO

Lease-A-Dairy Rules & Regulations

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1. The Larimer County Lease a Dairy Program is sponsored by the Larimer County Dairy Enterprise Committee and generous other sponsors under the direction of the Larimer County 4-H Extension Office.

2. The Larimer County Extension Office, Larimer County Dairy Enterprise Committee and owner/management/sponsor and employees of participating dairy are not responsible for any accidents related with this program.

3. This project will begin January 1 of 4-H year and will be complete September 1 of same 4-H year. Participation in Hoards Dairyman Contest is required.

4. Project animals will be chosen at the Sponsor’s discretion. Continuing to use same project animal for the following year is at the discretion of the dairy/sponsor. Continuing working with said animals between September 1 and March 1 is also at the discretion of the dairy/sponsor.

5. Only members enrolled in Larimer County 4-H are eligible to enter this program. The participant must satisfactorily complete the program (according to Larimer County Dairy Enterprise Committee) in order to participate in the program in the future.

6. The participant and their family must respect and abide by any and all individual rules that the dairy/sponsor sets. (Examples are: certain times allowed to practice with animal; areas that are “off limits” on property; number of people allowed to come with participant).

7. Dairy/sponsor reserves the right to change project animals due to their availability.

8. Attend 75% of workshops, starting in January. (Lease-A-Dairy members can miss 1 meeting)

9. Participant must work with animal(s) on a regular basis for minimum of 4 hours per month and recorded in log sheet.

9a.  1st year project members may have no more then 2 animals to bring to shows

10. Participant is required to prepare animal for Fair. This includes training, clipping, cleaning and arranging transportation to and from Fair.

11. Participant will be required to care for animal during full duration (3-4 days) of animal at Fair. This includes cleaning stalls, washing animal(s) and feeding.

12. Participant must sell required Carnival raffle tickets to participate in this county program.

13. Complete requirements of the Larimer County Meat Quality Assurance Program.

14. Show at Larimer County Fair Dairy Show in appropriate age class in both showmanship and animal(s) class. Proper show attire will consist of black or white jeans and white shirt (This is REQUIRED!)

15. Create a “Thank You” poster for the dairy/sponsor to be displayed at Fair. Requirements of this poster must include name(s) of sponsor, picture of you and your animal(s) with participant and animal(s) name.

16. Create an “Educational Poster” to be displayed and judged at Fair.

17. Create a “Dairy Novelty” costume. (Optional)

18. Complete the Livestock record book and turn in by September 15th to Extension Office. Record book must contain completed log sheet(s) and Animal Information page.

19. There may be some costs to the program. (example: animal bedding for fair, clipper blade replacement/sharpening)

20. Larimer County Dairy Enterprise Committee, and owner/management/sponsor of participating dairy, 4-H Extension Office reserves the right to terminate project participation for any member who mistreats the animal or does not abide by any or all of these guidelines. If the project is terminated, no allowance will be made for any related expenses for this project.

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