Larimer County, CO

Larimer County Fair


Fair Entries Due July 8th

We will see you August 2-6 for the 2024 Larimer County Fair!

Stall set up & Record Book Check In – Fri., Aug. 2, 2024 @ 4-7pm

Dairy Cattle Check in – Sat., Aug. 3, 2024 @ 9-11am

Milking Cow Check in – Sun., Aug. 4, 2024 @ 5-6pm

2024 Larimer County Fair Book


Wed., July 10, 2024 @ 4-7pm in the new Community Bldg. at the Ranch


Sun., Aug. 4, 2024 @ 2-3pm

Dairy Member Bio


Mon., Aug. 5, 2024 @ 1130-330pm

2024 Dairy Cattle Judge: Brianna McBride

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larimer county dairy royalty

2023/24 Dairy Royalty 

Congratulations to Brielle S. our 2023 Dairy Queen. Dairy royalty serve two year terms and spread the good news about the 4-H Dairy Program and agriculture in our county.

Dairy Royalty Eligibility & Responsibilities:

  • 2+ year member in the dairy project
  • Confident in Public Speaking 
  • Attend 4-H Open House in October
  • Attend all our dairy workshops (Jan-April)
  • Hand out awards and ribbons during the Larimer County Fair Dairy Show
  • Be available to work the Jr. Livestock Sale at the Larimer County Fair
  • Hand out awards and ribbons at the Greeley Dairy Extravaganza in June
  • Look for other ways to promote the dairy industry in Colorado

Application Deadline is July 20th

Dairy Royalty Application

Larimer Dairy Fair Information


Fri., Aug. 2nd @ 4-7pm. Record books are to be checked in at stall set up. Not at check in

Your e-Record books for animal projects cannot be completely finished since you won’t have show or sale results, but all other project information up until fair time should be recorded. Record book checks are standardized across species and we will be using a uniform check-in document. 
At check-in, if any part of the record book does not meet the minimum requirements listed on the form, 4-H youth will have one hour on site to correct and complete their book. If the books are not re-checked satisfactorily within one hour of check-in, 4-H youth will not be allowed to show. This applies to: horse, beef, sheep, swine, dairy cattle, goats, poultry, rabbits, and dogs.

IT IS REQUIRED to set up stall at assigned times.
(pg. 7 in the Fair Book states that failure to set up during assigned time, (it doesn’t have to be 100% done), will result in scratching from the fair and pen will be given to someone else.)

July 17 Moosletter

Fair Supplies

You do not need to buy everything on list. I have tubs of items that you can have or use such as neck tie ropes, feed pans, rope halters, show halters (Borrow only, can’t guarantee matching color or size), some grooming supplies. I also was given from a former member a small tack box that needs cleaned if interested to have.
Don’t forget about the posters and costume class! Need ideas? Need record book help? Communication is key. If you have any questions contact your extension agent, leader or me.

Supplies and Equipment for showing it is slightly different for Larimer County Dairy Cattle Show.

For yourself for show

  • You can wear white or Black pants
  • You need closed toed shoes/ boots (prefer no tennis shoes)
  • White shirt needs to have a collar, so it covers shoulders, but doesn't need to be long sleeve
  • Belt
  • A suggestion is wearing sweat pants/ light jacket or coveralls until you are ready to show to stay cleaner.

For your cattle

  • rope halter
  • neck tie (I have a lot of extras)
  • feed (if sponsored animal make sure it is proper feed)
  • bedding
  • water bucket
  • feed pan

Tack Box or container to hold grooming supplies

  • shampoo
  • coat conditioner such as show sheen
  • *Freeze It hairspray or some kind of hair stiffener for toplines
  • various brushes, medium, soft, stiff hard enough for hoof cleaning
  • curry comb
  • mane and tail grooming or wide spaced regular comb, finer tooth comb ( or top line brush)
  • scissors
  • clear hoof polish ( hair spray also shine up hooves)
  • old towels
  • corn starch (if have white legs, like on a Holstein)
  • baby oil
  • small rubber bands to braid tails after washing to make them uncurl - I used bands for teeth braces
  • clippers (or borrow some, some clubs have shared clippers)

Other items

  • decorations for stall
  • chairs, cooler, people snacks
  • wet wipes, paper towels
  • water hose with sprayer
  • wheel barrow
  • broom
  • manure fork/ pitch fork
  • shovel (flat, grain or snow shovel works best)
  • patience

Dairy Project Fair Sponsors

Thank you for making a difference in 4-H

docheff dairy
sas dairy